The Riding Club London

Every summer my friend and I would go to her horse stable and ride for hours on her horses. Those were the memories that can never be replaced and will always remind me of the carefree summers I used to have. After moving out and looking for horse riding places, I found The Riding Club in London. They provide exactly what I am looking for to regain my childhood memories. Screen-Shot-2013-03-21-at-5.12.55-PM

The Riding Club of London is a private member’s club and equestrian concierge service run by Rosie Ruck Keene and Ashley Parasram. They provide access to quality horses for advanced rides in London, riding lessons, and various trips every year. The Riding Club allows their members to get involved in different kinds of riding lessons from show jumping in St. John’s Woods, to several clinics that teach you the safety in cross country riding and dressage on the Grand Prix Schoolmaster.

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Whether you are looking to improve your dressage in Spain or play polo at some of the best Estancias in Argentina; The Riding Club in London can arrange the equestrian holiday for you to embark on.

By having 15 experts trained specifically in show jumping, flatwork, eventing, fitness, or polo you have the best of the best at your fingertips. These experts run the clinic session and can be utilized in a one on one session to help you excel at a specific skill.

Riders Club Membership is tailored to riders with experience in the saddle and can be purchased for £335 per month. For new members there is an additional £195 fee to cover the registration costs. The New Rider membership is suitable for those with little or no riding experience who would like to learn the beauty of horseback riding and the different skills and technique that experts can teach them. If you ask me, having access to fully groomed state of the art horses, weekend trips, and weekly coaching session makes this price quite reasonable. Owning a horse can be very costly and can take up a lot of your time; so this membership offers you guidance and allows you to take you skills further.