Bahoma Eau de Chambre

blog At The Amazing Blog we are always looking for something to help keep our office smelling nice and fresh. As obsessed as we are with room diffusers, sprays and scents, we could not wait to get our hands onto the Bahoma Room Spray, and were eager to spritz our way through the day.

Bahoma is a niche luxury fragrance brand, based in London. Their Home Collection consists of a wide range of room sprays, diffusers and scented candles that can be used to freshen up any kind of environment. With 25 different fragrances you are sure to find one that suits your nose the best.

Our personal favourite is Imperial. With citrus-y top notes and floral and spicy heart notes such jasmine, patchouli it is perfect to refresh the air in the office. This combined with woody, cedar and musk base notes makes our hearts skip a beat and Imperial has been voted as our office scent, by yours truly that is. This combination works perfectly as a ‘pick-me-up’ scent after a long day in the office, being fresh and calming at the same time. The spray is presented in very simplistic and sophisticated packaging, underlining Bahoma’s philosophy – the product is more important than the packaging.

So add a touch of distinction to your home or office with their Home Collection, which you can order from their website from £21.95.