Jules & Sharpie Hot Pepper Jellies

blog We here at The Amazing Blog are always trying to find something to help spice up our usual recipes, to give them a new twist. We have tried new spices, sauces, and of course jams and jellies. When we were introduced to Jules & Sharpie hot pepper jellies, we could easily imagine ourselves using these jellies as an accompaniment to meals or on our toast, croissants and other snacks.

Jules & Sharpie is owned by two long time friends, who have a love of  fine foods and cooking. These jellies are far from ordinary, they have been given the Jules & Sharpie 'treatment' - spiced with fresh chillies: creating a unique flavour and zesty taste. Each jar of jellies are handmade, using only the finest natural ingredients to create an appealing blend of heat and flavour. These jellies will surely help spice up any ordinary dish. We found that we really enjoyed the Original Hot Pepper Jelly,as well as the Hot Redcurrant Pepper Jelly (shown above). The Original Hot Pepper Jelly tasted best when paired with a selection of cheeses, whilst  the Hot Redcurrant Pepper Jelly we think probably tastes the best glazed over a leg of lamb. Usually my palate cannot handle spicy and hot foods, but these jellies were just too tasty to resist. And to my astonishment, the 'heat' wasn't too overpowering, which allowed for my weak taste buds to handle the zestiness without even shedding a tear.

If you are in search of some zest to liven up your favourite home cooked meals, look no further than The Jules & Sharpie Jellies. The added spice will surely turn an ordinary dish into an exquisite one. You can order your own pepper spiced jellies from their website for £3. 25 a jar and begin to enjoy a whole new world of flavour.