London Zoo LATES 2013

IMG_01963 We here at The Amazing Blog  we all work hard but enjoy letting loose every now and then (only occasionally mind!) Since it's now officially summer and we get to experience the longer lighter evenings;  it's great to  discover a new range of sun-down activities for you, our dear readers. So we have to tell you about this one which captured our attention, the little known London Zoo Lates which is now in its third year of happening. When we first heard about this, we couldn't believe our ears,  I mean who would have honestly thought about partying with the animals?!

IMG_90712 London Zoo Lates is an incredible way to spend your Friday nights, chilling out and exploring the urban jungle - that is actually London Zoo. Leaving the stress of your week at the gates you'll enter into a giant sized adult carnival. Featuring there is a wide range of animals and entertainment; such as an adult sized playroom with ball ponds, cabaret sketches and improvised comedy. There's also an international street food festival, several pop up bars, carousel rides, and much much more…You can even get your face painted! You are never too old get your face painted (well, in our world you’re not.... Based in an exotic setting, the night is full of drinks, laughter  and all guaranteed to give you some great memories with friends to treasure.


Taking place since June 7 and continuing until the newly added Friday August 2, tickets are £25. With a group of 10 or more tickets are half price. Starting at 6 pm to 10 pm, all London Zoo Lates guests must be 18 and over, and by the way don't even think about bringing your own alcohol - they'll police you at the door. Drinks are available on-site with a plentiful selection (including alcohol) So why not live out your childhood memories and be a kid once more even if it is just for a few hours -  it'll be totally worth it.