Alteya Organics - Rose Face Wash & Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

Alteya Organics If there’s a topic that we love talking about at The Amazing Blog’s HQ is skincare – we all have grown into loving and taking care of our skin since we’re surrounded by beauty products 24/7. Our Executive Editor Edwina is very hot on using the right brands, looking up ingredients and using the best of the best for your skin. Having her wide skincare knowledge at our disposal on an everyday basis has definitely changed our mind set for good when it comes to taking care of our pretty faces.

Edwina herself and the girls at The Amazing Blog got overly excited when Alteya Organics products arrived to the office; Certified Organic Skincare with Roses as the main ingredient? Yes, please.

I have been using the Alteya Organics Rose Face Wash for a while now and I just love it. I was quite weary of using a gel cleanser of my skin, as previous experiences involving this consistency have been fatal, leading to overly dry skin. So before giving this face wash a go, I firstly read through its list of ingredients and immediately thought “this is beautiful”… and the very first use didn’t disappoint at all. The texture is something in between a gel and a liquid that when mixed with water, lathers up into this velvety and gentle foam. I massage this for a couple of minutes on my face and neck every morning and evening, take a flannel soaked in lukewarm water and rinse it. My skin feels hydrated and very clean after each use.

I pat dry my skin and I follow my regime with their Organic Rose Water. This water can be used after cleansing or having a shower, after sun exposure and working out too. I personally love multipurpose products; and this Rose Water has worked wonders as a toner. I spray in on my skin directly and let it soak in for a couple of minutes and then pat it dry with a cotton pad. After this step I apply my serums, treatments and moisturiser as usual.

My overview on Alteya Organics’ products is really positive. The products are Certified Organic, they are made from the most beautiful ingredients and they just work. I am really looking forward into trying more products by them!

The Rose Face Wash retails at £14.50 and the Organic Bulgarian Rose Water at £7.95. You can purchase these skincare gems from Amazon.