Gear Up Your Dog For The Summer with Houndworthy Accessories


Have you ever had trouble finding travel friendly accessories for your dog? A big bed isn’t easy to take on a day or weekend trip, and plastic drinking bowls do not fit nicely into most handbags. That is why we here at The Amazing Blog were so thrilled when we heard about Houndworthy. It is a UK based online retailer that has us and our pets in mind. The most luxurious, unique and handmade pet accessories from around the world are being sold on their website. Over 150 unique and wonderful products are currently available, so there is much to choose from. They are very conscious of the brands they choose, and what the products are made out of because they know how much we care about our furry companions.

Even if you are just taking your dog out for a long day at the park or to an outside café for lunch this summer, having the right travel pet accessories will make the day much more enjoyable. Cloud 7 is a German-owned label that has created some of the most unique and essential products found at Houndworthy. One product in particular we love is the Ultimate Tote Travel Bed (£80). At first glance it is a nice canvas tote bag with a fuzzy interior, but it actually converts into a perfect dog-sized bed! It is made from 100% Organic Cotton Canvas on the exterior and 100% un-dyed sheep's wool for the lining. This travel bed is absolutely perfect for many situations including patio or café sitting as well as lobby waiting. This could work perfectly well for a day or weekend away too. It is an absolute essential for summer travel with your loved pet. Houndworthy is also the only UK retailer to stock Billy Wolf dog apparel and accessories; an American made label. One particular stand out product from Billy Wolf is the 100% Cotton Canvas water bowl (£33). It can be taken absolutely anywhere, because the bowl neatly folds up and tucks into a purse-sized pouch. Perfect for the pooch on the go!

Houndworthy is a wonderful online destination shop for pet owners who want classic, luxurious pet accessories. With products retailing from £10-£125, they really have something for anyone, and any dog. Check out their website to find the travel bed, water bowl, and many other wonderful pet accessories!