Play Up Your Lips This Summer with Oriflame Lip Impact Crayons


Most days here at The Amazing Blog ,you can catch all of the girls donning a bold and vibrant colour to their lips. It is the perfect finishing touch to everyone's look, and every girl knows it makes you feel like you can handle anything. So, when the Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon came through our door, I was not surprised to see everyone scramble to get their hands on one as soon as we opened the box.


The Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon may appear to be a simple lip pencil, but once you remove the cover you are faced with a deep display of rich colour. The Vibrant Almond that I chose was a lovely surprise. It provided just the right amount of pink colour blended with taupe. It was neither overpowering nor average; the perfect balance resulting in a creamy pink. The colour was so rich and smooth, whilst the formula provides moisture to the lips. I simply swept the pencil onto my lips and I had long-lasting wear for the better part of my day. One thing to note about this product was that a little goes a long way! A mere swipe onto my lips and I had the full effect as if it were applied several times.  The texture of the pencil is great as well, not scratchy as some can be. This lip crayon is a perfect purse must-have. It will suit you in the day as well as the night and can take you from the office to cocktails in seconds. It is also a great summer make-up choice because of the moisturising feel and lasting power. You can wear the pencil alone for a colour-charged look, or dab some gloss over the top for a super shiny glamorous finish.

Providing beauty the Swedish way,” Oriflame makes an effort to put care, love, and quality into each and every product they sell. Their range is extensive, and absolutely have something for everyone. The Lip Impact Crayons are offered in 6 vibrant colours: Vibrant Almond, Pink Impact, Striking Rose, Electric Red, Deep Berry and Intense Cherry, for £6.95 on the Oriflame website. Take a chance and play up your lips with gorgeous colours this summer!