New Guilt-Free Pastille Candy From Australia: Slim Fruits


Sometimes, you just never know when hunger is going to rear it's ugly head. Often enough, it is at the most inconvenient times, like when you're in the office and can't leave. You haven't brought anything with you, and surely don't want to be heard rummaging through a crisp bag endlessly. We sometimes run into this problem here at The Amazing Blog, and we finally found a worthy solution to satisfy the hunger pains.  Slim Fruits are a new pastille candy from an Australian confectionery that we were graciously able to try and thoroughly enjoy! The packaging is compact, so they are perfect to throw in a purse or satchel so that you can enjoy them on the go! Plus, they aren’t messy like most snack food, so you won’t be frustrated on the travel home from work!


Slim Fruits are made with Acacia Gum, so they are a pleasantly chewy sweet, and the best part is that they are guilt free! They are sugar free, gluten free, and fat free, so most enjoyable for people who may suffer from diabetes or gluten intolerance. Slim Fruits are designed to deliver a ‘feeling of fullness’ when eaten, and only contain two calories per pack! Pretty astonishing right? They taste delicious too, with available flavours being Peach Melba and Rhubarb & Strawberry. While also containing 40% natural soluble dietary fibre and being 100% tooth friendly, there really is no reason to not go and grab some right now!


Although an Australian company, Slim Fruits are available at your local Holland & Barrett store. You can also order them for £1.89 a box on the Holland & Barrett website.