Bohemian Naturals Perfumes

blog image Many of us dream of travelling to exotic places but unfortunately a lot of us can find it hard to get away from our busy schedules and take time out to travel. But while we may be in the office, we can indulge in a beautiful fragrance to remind us of tropical shores. A fragrance can whisk you off into the wilderness of the woods or bring you into a serene rose garden. Wherever you’d like to go, there is a scent that can help take you there. When we heard about Bohemian Naturals here at The Amazing Blog, we were so pleased that their fragrances are as equally inspired by travel as our daydreams are.

Bohemian Naturals perfumes are inspired by ‘the evocative relationship between world travel, global culture, and universal romance’. They have crafted three different fragrances that have essences of the flora that is present in exotic locations, so that your mind and heart can wander while your feet stay planted on the ground.

Indian Davana was the first fragrance that we tried, and I absolutely loved it. It begins a bit spicy, but transforms into a lovely and sultry floral scent. There is a presence of Patchouli as well as Amber and Grapefruit. It is tranquil and yet mesmerising, and it would be the  perfect scent for spring and summer days.

Thai Sunshine was the next scent that we tested, and it is just as sunny and warm as you might imagine. Lemongrass and Lime are present, as well as Cedar and Ginger. It is a very herbal scent,  and you will just want to bathe in this fragrance it is that lovely! Last, but not least is Amber Rose, which was the majority favourite here at The Amazing Blog. It is warm and inviting, as well as being incredibly sensual. Amber is obviously the top note, followed by Rose and Bergamot. This scent will suit many people, and it is perfect for the chilly months.

One more wonderful thing about the Bohemian Naturals fragrances is that they are all natural. No synthetic ingredients are in their products, and they are produced in small batches, so each one is made with care. If you are interested in getting your hands on these great fragrances, visit the Bohemian Naturals website. If you purchase a fragrance now, you can enter the code “AMAZ” at the checkout to receive 10% off and a free sample.