REAMIN Hand Protective Cream

reamin blog image If there is one product that we cannot get enough of here at The Amazing Blog office, it is hand cream. Currently, we have four sitting on the desk, and any one is reached for multiple times a day. Although we seem to have endless amounts, we are always on the search for more. We recently came across a brand called REAMIN, which has developed a range of hand creams formulated for salon professionals, but is equally fantastic for everyone. We were lucky enough to sample their original and unscented formulas here at The Amazing Blog, and they have been sitting at our desks being happily used ever since as we love the formula.

REAMIN was specially developed to create an invisible shield for those who have their hands in water or wet substances frequently. It protects the skin and nails from the damage of prolonged water exposure due to the beeswax in the formula. People who work in these conditions are also exposed to many chemicals that can cause contact dermatitis. Dermatitis is essentially a skin rash, commonly known as Eczema. REAMIN is a wonderful solution for people who suffer from dermatitis, as the lotion provides the protective barrier that their skin needs. For salon professionals, not only will REAMIN protect your hands, but it is also safe to use as a perm barrier cream for clients. The Original formula smells lovely, almost like honey, and feels incredible. We absolutely love it here at the office. When you first apply, do not be alarmed by the stickiness. It absorbs quickly and then feels like silk on the hands.

If you would like more information about REAMIN and its benefits for the skin, visit their website. There you will also find links to where to purchase for individual retail and to stock in a salon. The bottles are very big and will last a long time, perfect for any household kitchen, or hairdresser’s station. Prices start from £3.60 plus VAT for a 75ml bottle.