Old-fashioned speakers

I am reliably informed by our gadget mad online community manager - aka the wizz kid/our saviour from technical mishap/office anorak (his words!) – that the TDK Boombox is currently the last word in stylish music systems. With more than a nod to the iconic 80s ‘ghetto-blasters’ this new line of sleek boomboxes provides old-school style coupled with modern technology. Available as a two or three speaker model, both offer glossy finishes with touch screen control panels and the classic retro rectangular shape.

The TDK Boombox retains the character and size of shoulder-mounted music players, but will fit as nicely in a stylish living room as they would on a New York City stoop. They can be plugged in or battery powered, so expect to spot a few in parks over the summer – shell suits and high tops optional. For more info and stockists TDK Boombox