inSpiral Super Food and Fruit

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When we fall in love with a brand, we want the whole world to know it, which is why we are posting about inSpiral's amazing food products again. After our other rave reviews, we at The Amazing Blog are back to tell you about the company's new Super Foods and Fruits.

inSpiral’s hand-selected range of super foods are raw, plant-based ingredients with exceptionally high nutrient to calorie ratios. These foods are natural and unprocessed, providing amazing health benefits, such as supporting liver detoxification or taking heavy metals out of the body. Who needs medicine when your food can do this for your body?

inSpiral was smart enough to realise that some of these raw foods and fruits in their whole forms tend to be bitter and would not suit certain pallets. The company creatively thought to turn them into powders, making them a great addition to smoothies or other raw creations.

We received samples of Lucuma Powder and Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder. The Lucuma Powder is a caramelesque fruit powder perfect with raw chocolate and ice cream. The Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder simply needs to be added to a hot drink to spice up the flavour.

We also received a sample of Durian Super Fruit. Although Durian might be the smelliest fruit, it tastes amazing and you won't be able to resist.

If you’re looking to try some Super Foods or Fruits, you can check out inSpiral's website. It’s time we keep and restore our bodies to optimum health through our food. It can’t get any easier than that!