Bochery Nature Lotion and Soap

blog image This weather is ridiculous and most perplexing. We in the UK are currently experiencing some of the wettest Winter months on record. One thing that springs (ah yes Spring - we're ever hopeful!) to mind when thinking about this weather is what it does to our lovely skin. The Amazing Blog has been using the new Bochery Nature range as they have some deliciously re hydrating properties that will help to put back a peachy glow into our rather sallow complexions. What makes them a little different, is that not only are their products based on natural and active ingredients, but they also use special Nano-technology & Biotechnology so that the final result is gentle and won't damage the all important Melanin deposit in the lower skin layer; thus all their products can be safely used on both the body AND the face. We were particularly interested in trying out two of their cleansing skincare products the Bochery Nature Tonic & Oxgyenating Lotion and the Bouchery Aromatic Soap.

The Bochery Nature Tonic & Oxgyenating Lotion has a plentiful number of benefits for the skin. These include toning, cell oxygenation and energising qualities. Let’s not forget to mention the addictive, fruity smell that comes with the product. The packaging and product colour does slightly resemble the look of nail polish remover, but that shouldn’t put you off as the lotion itself is a really great way to revive and refresh the skin. It’s £17.50 and as a toner we think its good value, as a little really does go a long way - especially when applying after either a cream cleanser or wash-off make up remover. Their nano-technology is all about stimulation of cells to encourage ultimate revitalisation of the skin, it also offers protection against UV rays. There are natural moisturising factors to help replenish skin cells, making it a great pick-me-up product if you feel your skin is looking a bit tired and dull. I really recommend this if you live in London, or any busy city, as it’s a great way to cleanse your skin but not stripping it as it actually adds wonderful skin enhancers.

The Bochery Aromatic Soap, is a handmade delight which looks and smells wonderful. I have been trying the Aloe Body and Face Soap, and this specific one is for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Oh, and it also has anti-wrinkle benefits… so a bonus! There is Organic Glycerin in the ingredients to help make all this happen. I really love using natural soaps for my face but only when they are moisturising and natural as I can't bear that skin-tightening effect that you get with some others. This one is not only packed full of goodness but also has lovely shades of green in different densities making it a great addition as a bath time essentials. This soap is specially formulated not to react with your skin or cause spots, which many other soaps I have used have been prone to do. This is definitely worth a purchase, it can also be a great little gift for someone. It is only £4.45 and lasts and lasts... and can be found here.

The Bochery products and soaps are all dermatological tested, fragrance,  paraben, allergens and alcohol free. NO animal derivatives are used and NO hydroquinone is used. They are indeed just reliable products that get the job done.