Alassala Argan Oil and Amlou Paste

  new blog imageIf you read our blog often, you will probably know that there are a few foods that The Amazing Blog girls are always happy to try because we love them so much. Well today, we have an oil and paste which has the same main ingredient as some of our favourite hair care products; Argan. The Alassala Argan Oil and Amlou Paste comes from the same brand which brought us the wonderful Face and Body Oil and you can read our post on that here.

The Amlou Paste is a spread, which tastes great on bread or melba toast. We decided to pair it with some oatcakes we had in the office, perfect combination. With no exaggeration, this big jar of paste was gone in two days, and that was only being shared between myself and one other member of the team… So you would be right to assume that it tastes delicious; it definitely shut us up for a couple of hours! It is made from roasted almonds and Organic Argan Oil, so is very good for you whilst being extremely tasty too. The paste is rich in Vitamin E so is a great mid afternoon healthy snack to fill you up, so put away that chocolate and those biscuits as this will give you a much better healthier boost. Its density resembles that of peanut butter, as does the taste, however a much less processed version where you can really taste the almond. I recommend replacing your morning breakfast spread for your toast or crumpets with this paste because of all the benefits it has.

Alassala also have an Argan Oil for culinary use, as well as their one for skincare. Its delicate flavour has high levels of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9, and also plant sterols to make it the perfect oil for reducing cholesterol levels. Even more impressive, it's ethically produced using traditional methods, which means everything about the product is good; the taste, the production, the packaging, everything! There is so much you can do with this healthy oil as well, from dipping into it with beverage snacks, salad dressing, seasoning, dressing on pasta, fish, meat and so on. Many possibilities! It’s a guilt free way to enjoy a meal which needs a little oil to spruce up the flavour.

The delicious Amlou Paste £7.90 for 113 grams, or £14.90 for 226 grams and  is available from The Nutri Centre, Selfridges Oxford Street, and at any independent health store, as well as online here, and on their website here. The oil is £11.99 for 100ml or £18.99 for 250ml, and can be bought from all these places too so why not pick them both up whilst you’re there. They will make a great addition to your party beverages this festive season.