Party night pit stop

Following an unseasonably warm weekend we have started obsessing over all those summer essentials – Pimms, barbecues (at least three members of the Amazing PR team are guilty of scoffing more than their RDA of burgers and sausages this weekend) and of course ice cream. Though we are as partial as the next person to the odd Calippo, we like to think we can appreciate the finer things in life. And who does ice cream better than the Italians? The team behind the acclaimed Bocca di Lupo restaurant offer up the best in italian gelato from Gelupo, their ice cream parlour located in trendy Soho. Be transported to an Italian summer with the flavours of hazelnut, pistachio and zabaglione. Sorbet flavours, for those of us watching our waistlines, include blood orange, sour cherry ripple and even espresso.

With late opening hours - 1am Thursday to Saturday and 11pm the rest of the week - we will be making it our party night pit stop.