Je Joue and Whistle & Hum

This Wednesday we have something rather special for our female readers to enjoy.  It’s something a little different to our usual beauty based posts but just as exciting… It's the small,  sensual but surprisingly powerful MiMi by Je Joue (French for 'I play') and... well we're all a bit coy here, so I'll just call it an external massager for now. It is perfect to enjoy with a partner or solo. Admittedly The Amazing Blog girls have for now, only been using it in the office on our arms and hands; particularly when our muscles get a bit tense from too much typing. But there again, this just means it has multiple purposes - which is more power to this clever little MiMi! We must mention that we got sent this by the rather nice company called Whistle & Hum  together with a selection of their aromatherapy massage and body oils  a brilliant accompaniment. Whistle & Hum promise to offer women a fun and informative experience when logging on in search of a vibrator - oh there I said it! What we like is the way that they say: "Think of us as your favourite everyday cookbook.....We only use the very best ingredients and don’t assume you have done an advanced cookery course." Nice analogy guys.

So let's tell you some more. The first thing we noticed about this vibrator is how soft it is. Je Joue really take the pebble concept to the next level pairing the pebble/egg shape with the smoothest silicone coating. There are a choice of four colours to chose from, some more feminine than others. You can find pink, purple, black and a lilac shade. Obviously purple is our corporate colour, but we think the black one would also make a perfect present for a male partner. The MiMi has its obviously use with lots of positive reviews from women about how effective the MiMi is but we think that it has the added benefit of making a great massager for all parts of your body. It’s small but surprisingly powerful… It feels great on the face, and for those of you who worry about double chins, then shoot this up to top speed and pulse and feel it exercise that extra flesh! However, where this device really exceeds expectations is when it's put to use for 'intimate stimulation'. It has 5 power levels with 6 different pulse settings to choose from, so plenty of variety depending on your mood. Because of its size it’s also perfect for both storing by your bed at home and for taking when you travel, without the risk of that awkward ‘what’s this?’ moment when someone’s borrowing something from your suitcase.

Valentines Day is a month away, so why not treat yourself and your partner to the MiMi and try something new and exciting in the bedroom! Don’t be coy, you know you want to. I’m sure your partner won’t be disappointed either. It’s easy to charge so once it’s out of use, just connect the magnetic strips on the device with those on the charger and plug it into the wall. 2 hours of charge will give you two hours of pleasure. Another benefit of the MiMi vibrator is that it's bath friendly, so if the bedroom isn’t exciting enough for you then this is fine to use in water. You can purchase this from their website here for £70.  

We also want to tell you more about the aromatherapy massage and body oils by Whistle & Hum we like them all and can't pick a favourite. There are three oils Shine, Love and Desire; each blended with different intentions of arousing different responses. The Desire oil contains ylang ylang which is a rich perfume oil from the flowers of the Cananga tree. Ylang Ylang is a popular addition to products like these as its calming properties has proved effective over the years. Oh, and did we mention Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac? How fitting for this post…. The Shine oil contains juniper which is a cleansing and detoxifying plant, and also contains rosemary which acts as a stimulant and tonic. This oil should be your choice if you are looking for something invigorating and revitalising. Finally, we are also really enjoying Love and the beautiful fragrance it releases. This particular oil is an emotion enhancer, with rose absolute and melissa which are traditionally used to help in times of grief or loss. It’s a comforting oil to warm your body and mind and put you into a relaxed state. You can purchase a 30ml bottle for £9 or a 100ml bottle for £16 from Whistle & Hum.