Ark Skincare for Defence and Protection


It’s no secret that we at The Amazing Blog are fans of Ark SkincareOne or other of us has a pot or two on the go at any one time. Plus not forgetting to mention that their flagship salon is based nearby our office. So I in particular was excited to receive their new Regenerating Skin Defence and SPF 30 Primer, which work very neatly together or separately to fit with your regular skincare regime.

I’ll start with The Ark Regenerating Skin Defence available here – this is suitable for all skin types and is designed to protect and nourish the skin. It is a great daily moisturiser particularly for those of us who are city dwellers, as this product is designed to defend the skin against pollution, environmental and lifestyle pressures. We love the texture and smell. It comprises of advanced plant stem-cell technology which helps to repair and the regenerate skin cells. Ingredients include stem cells of Alpine Rose, Camelina Oil, Natural Vitamin C and that all important Hyaluronic Acid.  You can get your bottle for £42,  for 50ml that will last and last…

 We’re also impressed with The Ark SPF 30 Primer, which can be found here.  This is a product that has been four years in the making, the new ARK SPF30 Primer is clinically tested and contains an advanced formulation fusing skincare and SPF to protect skin from sun damage and pollution, while enhancing its appearance and texture. Again it is suitable for all skin types and it not only delivers protection like the Regenerating Skin Defence, but also works as a fabulous primer giving the skin a silky feel and a wonderfully luminous velvet finish. Key natural ingredients include Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower. The primer is available for £36, for 50 ml – we consider this an essential.

 I personally vary using them together and apart. Great products that my skin loves – what more can I say?