So Pure Skincare – Rejuvenating Body Elixir

rachels wednesdayI’m sure many of you can attest to the fact that the unpredictable weather we face in London truly takes a toll on skin.  The girls here at The Amazing Blog have recently been on my case in regards to regularly using body oil to yield my skin from the damage of the weather.  I took their advice (they’re beauty experts after all!) and tried a body oil we had sent to us by So Pure Skincare.  The Rejuvenating Body Elixir by So Pure Skincare is packed with the rich oils that have nourished and replenished my skin in no time!

Rather than using chemical filled creams, So Pure Skincare founder, Geeta Sood sought to relieve the eczema of her 6 month old son by developing 100% natural and organic oil.  Her success sparked her study of Holistic Skincare and the creation of So Pure Skincare.  Housing items for the face and body, the organic prickly pear seed oil is the key ingredient used in all So Pure Skincare products. Prickly pear seed oil is a highly-sought, expensive oil because of its anti-aging abilities.  The nutrients of the oil also reduce scars and dark spots.  The So Pure Skincare range also contains zero health-hazardous ingredients and is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Like all So Pure Skincare items, The Rejuvenating Body Elixir contains prickly pear seed oil as well as vitamin E.  The Elixir is ideal for dry skin, scars or stretch marks and blemishes as it refreshes and hydrates skin tissue.  One of the reasons I selected this oil in particular is its striking scent.  It came as no surprise when I realized the contains extracts of the Tiare Flower, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose Otto and Sandalwood; combined these extracts make for an exotic and sensual fragrance.   As suggested by So Pure Skincare, I have found using 4-5 pumps of the oil to best for my entire body, while targeting the driest areas.   Since only a few drops are necessary at a time, the oil can last for months!  Rejuvenate your skin by purchasing the So Pure Skincare Rejuvenating Body Elixir oil here for £30.