Carib Gourmet – Coco Gourmand

COCOFUDGEIn need of an exotic sweet treat following lunch or dinner?  As you know we love our sweets here but sometimes due to the ingredients we know some of our readers cannot share in our delight. We here at The Amazing Blog  have uncovered delicious treats using exclusively the sweetness of coconut milk, making some of these treats gluten free and suitable for vegans. Using coconut as an alternative to sugar, Carib Gourment shows their sweet-side with their Coco-Gourmand line of sweets for all to enjoy!

 As a Caribbean based fine foods specialist, Carib Gourmet offer an array of foods from chilli sauces to confectionary desserts fit for food connoisseurs. As dessert lovers ourselves, we were eagerly excited to try the Carib Gourmet Coco Gourmand selection including Coconut Fudge, Coconut Brittle and Coconut Drops.  When we received this sweet assortment of Coco Gourmand desserts, I immediately indulged in a piece of Coconut Fudge. Coco Gourmand combines the softness of fudge with the flaky texture of coconut to create an exceptional delicacy. Their Coconut Fudge is lighter and slimmer than most fudge bars, avoiding that dreaded heavy feeling of sugar in your stomach or overconsumption in my case.  We definitely recommend these treats not only as a pick-me-up but also as a gift, a party dessert and even to share at work! The Coconut Fudge is only £3.50 and can be found here  while the other treats can be found here.

Also if you’re interested in learning authentic Caribbean cooking style or you want to create these delicious Coco-gourmand delicacies yourself, Carib Gourment has cookery classes just for you! Caribbean cooking representative, Vanessa Bolosier teaches techniques to mastering Caribbean cuisines and desserts. This course, designed for beginners, offers attendees personalized hands-on learning while indulging in scrumptious treats. This allows you to be able to cook up a batch of these amazing treats for your family and friends.  Sign up for a Caribbean cooking experience from  and feel free to send some our way once you’ve become a master Caribbean chef!