Sunescape Tanning Products

We here at The Amazing Blog love having sun-kissed skin. Since traditional tanning can increase your risk for skin cancer and premature ageing, we rely on self-tanning products to get the glowing skin we crave. That’s why we love the easy to use tanning products from Sunescape so we can rock a bronze skin tone all year round.

With their Hydrating Self-Tanning Mousse, you’ll get the glow you crave in only a few minutes. The colour is natural-looking and comes in two different shades designed to fit your skin tone, so you don’t need to worry about looking orange! It even hides cellulite and stretch marks while giving you colour, so this mousse will become your new beauty BFF. It contains macadamia, avocado and coconut oils, so your skin will stay smooth and conditioned.

For a long-lasting tan, reach for the Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender to build or prolong a flawless tan. It hydrates your skin with the same essential oils found in the Hydrating Mousse, but also contains added antioxidants to help rejuvenate and balance your skin. This product is better for ladies and gentlemen with fair skin looking to slowly build a tan, as it enables you to control the depth of colour you desire.

Head to the Sunescape website now and pick up the mousse for £24 and the tan extender lotion for £20, and soon everyone will be asking you where you went for holiday!

ARK Skincare - Derriere Facial

Ark blog image.jpg

Although beach season in London is quickly coming to an end, there is still plenty of sun abroad for us to soak up. Here at The Amazing Blog we are seriously looking at all of those resort towns in Bulgaria, Greece, and the south of France to continue to live out our summer dreams. In order to properly enjoy that fun in the sun time, we need to have our beach bodies in tip top shape. Now, thanks to ARK we can start from the bottom up, literally! ARK skincare has a whole Derrière "Facial" that starts with a body brushing to boost circulation and diminish cellulite, followed by cleanser, and an invigorating body scrub. The scrub contains fruit acids and menthol to lift dead skin and unblock pores followed by a steaming and serums to lift, firm, and purify the skin. The last step is an application of nourishing body lotion to leave your bum plump soft and radiant. This innovative treatment will leave you confident and ready to strut down the beach! Perfect to boost your confidence and give you the courage to wear a barely there Brazilian thong bikini on some exotic beach.

Once your bum is in order for the beach, be sure to check out ARK's cleavage treatment and you will be good to go for a wonderful holiday full of envious looks and cocktail filled nights. . The ARK Derriere Facial, £49 for 45 minutes is available from July 1st at the ARK Flagship Salon in Putney



Friday Favourites - Sun Products with SPF

With yet another unpredictable English summer upon us, here at The Amazing Blog we were anxious to find something to protect our skin from the sun, should it choose to come out! So, we decided to give some of the newest and most exciting products with SPF on the market a test run.


First off was the Green People Sun Lotion. A Beauty Bible award winner for ultimate natural product, Green People never use no harsh chemicals (82% of ingredients are organic) and 10 per cent of profit is donated to the Marine Conservation Society charity, making them an ethical role model.  Although it only has a 25 SPF factor and a medium coverage rating, it is designed to be kind to sensitive skin, so could be perfect for olive skin individuals who still suffer from sensitivity from time to time, like myself. This product is an environmental triumph, as well as being good to skin. At only £18.95 from the Green People website, it’s a reasonable price compared to some alternatives and does a whole lot of good at the same time.

Another unique product we tried was The Sun Mousse. A unique brand, they have products for both adults and children. We sampled the 30 SPF, 6 hour protection, water resistant product and were amazed. I was originally apprehensive about how much to use but the mousse comes out moderately slowly so don’t panic about explosions of fast foaming mousse! It rubs in quickly and feels so light on the skin; the oily thick feel that most creams have is a thing of the past.  So the fact that The Sun Mousse, goes on quickly, easily and without fuss or frills, helps to remove all moaning from small people  desperate to get into the pool or sea. The six hour protection also means children (and adults) can run, jump and play in the sun without worry. If maximum protection is your biggest worry then this mousse is perfect. Easy application, maximum protection. It’s available here, from the Sun Mousse website for £19.99.

For some variation, we also tried the Resultime CC Cream from Collin Paris. CC creams or colour corrector creams are a relatively new concept to the make-up world. They are designed to even out skin pigmentation and leave a flawless finish. Unlike the other products we tried, this CC cream also has anti-aging elements. The vitamin E also helps to improve skin moisture and the SPF 30 rating ensures you’re protected from the sun all day long. The product is light and goes onto the skin beautifully. It comes in two skin shades, natural and golden they blend so well that they are suitable for almost any skin tone. If you’re searching for something lighter than foundation for the summer months this CC cream could be the perfect product. The Resultime CC creams are available here £35.50 each.

We also tried one of the hero products from Murad, Essential C Sun Balm is a stick application sun cream with an SPF of 35. Although this isn’t the maximum protection it still offers adequate cover, as well as hydrating the skin. The roll-on stick nature of the product is definitely its unique selling point. The quality and versatility is demonstrated by its 2013 Shape Sun Award. It makes it super easy to apply, especially to the face, with no worries of using too much or staining clothes like some liquid creams. With extracts of broccoli for UV protection and tangerine butter for moisture as well as being anti-animal testing, Murad’s Essential C Sun Balm ticks all the boxes for the perfect face and neck sun cream. The cream is available here for £19.50.

The final product in our sun feature is the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45. This unique product comes in the form of a brush on sun protector for immediate, any time UVA/UVB sun-protection. This product is so versatile, acting as a bronzer/powder concealer as it creates the illusion of smooth radiant skin, whilst also offering a level of sun cream protection. So, if you still keep up your make-up routine on holiday, this touch up powder is perfect. It also helps prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling and uneven discoloration, leaving you flawless but protected. The Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 is available through Salon Skincare here in the UK for £17.60


Kalis Skincare

With the weather taking a turn for the better (cross your fingers!) you're going to need to pull out your dresses, wedges, shorts, and stock up on suncream! Here at The Amazing Blog we're massive advocates for suncream and making sure your skin is protected from the sun, and Kalis' Ultra Protection Sun Cream will help you get a bronze glow and keep your skin safe. The Kalis Ultra Protection Sun Cream in Factor 50+ (you can never be too careful...), is packed full of ingredients designed to help and protect your skin. Jojoba Oil to moisturise and leave skin soft, Vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of scars, Carnosine to rejuvinate the skin cells, and Fomblin to hydrate the skin. With a lot of high factor sun creams you can sometimes get that tell-tale white coating on your skin but the Kalis cream blends into your skin without a trace, and doesn't have a noticeable fragrance to it. This sun cream protects your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation, and helps prevent premature aging. The Kalis sun range also has a variety of other SPF's, as well as tan activator and aftersun cream, so you can nourish your skin throughout your fun in the sun.

So don't let your skin suffer in the sun this summer and pick up a Kalis Ultra Protection Sun Cream for £17.50, they even deliver free in the UK!