Dadima's Panjiri

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We might be enticed by a good beauty product (or two) at The Amazing Blog , but we’re also equally interesting in discovering new (and delicious) foods. One thing we’ve concluded through our foodie research is that there is often a focus on new crazes and fads – and while there is no problem with this, the focus on tried, tested and traditional recipes can often be forgotten. We were therefore thrilled to discover Dadima’s, a brand sharing our desire to celebrate the wisdom of generations, providing us with their traditional and high energy Panjiri – a recipe that has well and truly stood the test of time.

Panjiri or Panjeri is a recipe and staple that originates from the Punjab and Hyderbad regions in India. It is treated as a nutritional supplement and has been used for thousands of years, by the ancient Hindus and Sikhs. It is usually eaten in the winter to ward off cold and also given to nursing mothers as it’s considered very nutritional. The story behind this brand is a lovely one. Founder, Anneeka, has taken inspiration from the wisdom and knowledge of her grandmother, creating a version of the Panjiri recipe which is full of tradition and flavour. This inspiration even draws as far as the brand name itself, taken directly from the name she uses to address her grandmother. We don’t mind admitting that we were novices in relation to Panjiri, however we are now huge lovers of this high energy snacking food. With a recipe deep rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. It boasts a plethora of health benefits, boosting energy and fibre levels simultaneously, and thanks to the handmade recipe, both artificial preservatives and added sugars are avoided.

For those wondering what this snack tastes like – we concluded that it is a cardamom and sultana infusion with a kick of almond, fennel, ginger and carom seeds. The texture is soft, making it easy to sprinkle over porridge, fruit or yoghurt. The texture comes from the use of semolina and ghee, while melon seeds, dessicated coconut and Arabic gum are all used to add flavour. We tried the no added sugar version, but for those with a sweeter tooth, the traditional version contains a little extra sweetness. Alternatively, we have added a sprinkling of Panjiri to a traditional British crumble, for a flavour kick, but also to add a little bit of goodness to a perhaps not to good pudding!

To try this family classic for yourself, then both the original and no added sugar Panjiri products can be purchased from the Dadima’s website here for £6.99. Enjoy!

TABAC Shaving Soaps


At The Amazing Blog we love to rediscover grooming classics, and it’s time to pay due homage to a shaving classic. TABAC have been giving us boys a no-nonsense, smooth as you like, close shave, since the 1950s, and like most of the design classics from that era, the complete range stands the test of time, with the Original Shaving Soap taking their jewel in the Tabac crown... The woody, masculine fragrance is instantly recognisable, and evocative of so much male grooming history - the chances are somewhere in all our ‘shaving journeys’, this pot of sumptuous lather has played a part, even if it was from our father’s, or grandfather’s tutorials when puberty began knocking on the bathroom door.

The lather really is the key here, to protecting the skin as we scythe off those unwanted hairs, and TABAC have consistently given us this. So much so, it is quite easy to overload the shaving brush and find ourselves deep in Christmas cake icing territory, which can be totally counter-productive. Loading up the brush, however, with a generous head of cream, should be plenty to ensure a decent first and second attempt. As a lot of water is kept in the bubbles, continuous hydration is easily achieved and is important in avoiding the dreaded drag of a blade, which inevitably leads to irritation and possible soreness. Used in the right way, this shaving soap will not only give many effective shaves, but also helps to prepare the follicles for harvest time, and as we all know, prepped skin will always yield a calmer result following the onslaught of a razor.

Granted, there may indeed be slightly cheaper options on the market, but when it comes to putting our best chin forward, who is going to quibble about £13.10 for a whole 125g tub or perhaps £8 for a 10g stick. The TABAC range is a staple of the male grooming industry, you will find their goodies in most high street shops, local chemists and online from The English Shaving Company.


Munchy Seeds


Now, if our science lessons had begun with the kind of information and all around yumminess The Munchy Team provide, there is an enormous chance that we at The Amazing Blog wouldn’t have doodled quite so much and actually learned something. We’re fans of Munchy Seeds and in the dim and distant past, have written about some of their other products here. What we particularly like about ‘seeds’ is that they’re both nutritious and delicious. Whilst we don’t want to get preachy about the benefits of zinc and magnesium, we all know that the benefits of ‘munching’ on seeds compared to the equally beguiling pear-drop are manifold and preferable.

The rich nutrient content of these nuggets of nature is why they are an effortless source of all those vitamins our bodies need to boost our levels, especially as we get older. More energy, higher brain function and an effective metabolism all go to keeping every part of us performing. In this day and age, when many of the essentials are stripped out of a processed diet, we need to be keeping up the levels … and what better way than through the consumption of these delicious alternatives?

The Choccy Ginger seeds had to be tried - although we’re particularly fond of dark chocolate and ginger, so it was already a win-win situation. The revelation, therefore, came in the form of how good the Omega Sprinkles tasted - and the knowledge that we were topping up those fatty acids, essential in keeping arteries clear and the heart pumping.

The Salted Caramel and Choccy Apricot offerings need little marketing here, suffice to say they didn’t disappoint and were consumed in an indecently fast period. But of course, each little bag of goodness leads us directly to researching and tasting more and more. This, of course, can be done through the easily accessible website of The Munchy Seeds, run by Mrs Munchy (Lucinda) and her husband Crispin who we are presuming is known as Mr Munchy.

If you prefer to work the cardiovascular system a little more effectively, with a higher intensity trolley dash, then why not hit the supermarket aisles where the whole range is widely available. They come in handy packed lunch size bags, or larger sized tubs when the need requires a bigger scratch! Pricewise you are looking at around £6 for a Snack Pack of 12, or around £5 for a 475ml tub from the Munchy Seeds Website, with similar prices for the relevant sizes through supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.


ISUN - The Gentleman's Moisturiser


How about blowing those Moody Monday Blues away with some unapologetic and deeply intense luxury? Yep, we’d thought you’d say that - we could feel the vibes coming through the electronic waves between you and us here at The Amazing Blog Towers - so brace yourselves, we have a complete corker for you in ISUN’s The Gentleman's Moisturiser: Light Facial Oil.

It’s quite a compact gem of a bottle at 30ml, but rest assured, shoe-horned in are a plethora of antioxidants and vitamins just primed to dive deeply into the epidermis and work their incredible magic on us. With each formulation, we are promised high performance, satisfying results and an overall sense of harmony and wellbeing. Not only are we enjoying an increased level of hydration, but we are also healing the skin from within, and in turn revitalising body, mind and spirit; what better way to begin a new week?

The background to ISUN’s philosophy and mission plays a part here, as they are justifiably proud of the sustainability of all their products, and the future opportunities which can come from protecting not just the viability of their skincare, but also their workforce, communities, and the very landscape where the ingredients are sourced and nurtured. Align that with their organically certified credentials, and we have ourselves an intensely luxuriant facial oil, which comes at the cost of £65 for 30ml. ISUN supply many spas and salons with their products, but we can get our hands on our own piece of moisturising heaven through the company’s own website here.


Benecos for Men Only - Bodywash and Deo Spray


Could it be possible to squeeze the efficiency of German engineering into a tube we asked around The Amazing Blog’s water cooler this week? Some argued they had managed it with a rather infamous beer, so why not a range of skincare? Well, fellow enthusiasts, we can report they have come incredibly close with the new organically certified and vegan approved range from Benecos. It has to be said those clever Germans have created something rather wonderful. Sometimes with products which claim to offer the utopian world of skin nourishment to us, they can turn out to be a little on the watery side, or perhaps the fragrance reminds you of a wet weekend in Skegness. Fortunately, here we have something to truly buck that trend, with products free from parabens, paraffins, silicones, synthetic colours and artificial fragrances.

Benecos For Men Only: Body Wash 3-in-1 has got to be tried if only for the fragrance alone - a multitasker with the added benefit of suiting the face and hair too. It's fragrance is very fresh and with a bit of a zing, to provide the boost that some of us are in of to wake up in the shower first thing. The Deodorant Spray is a non-aerosol concept free-from aluminium salts and with an organic mix of 7 precious extract. Again giving the clean scent of freshness which comes from their cocktail of marigold, rosehip, burdock, nettle, st.johns wort, and black elderberry. We reckon it is the small-leaved lime blossom which adds the power-shot of energy.

Unlikely as it is, that we shall ever know the definitive recipe of this delicious concoction; fortunately, all we have to do is bathe and luxuriate in the stuff, before taking on the world in the morning. Benecos For Men Only don’t make any exorbitant claims with their new product, but we should point out that going for a spin under their influence, brought some admiring glances to our polished hubcaps as we purred through town, and our leather upholstery was brushed up against more than once.

All available online, you will also be pleased to hear all this magic is affordable too, at only £5.95 for Men Body Wash 3-in-1 in 200ml. Or the For Men Deo Spray at 75ml at only £6.95.