Acorelle Perfumes by My Pure

We here at The Amazing Blog love wearing an elegant fragrance regularly to help us smell good and leave a great impression on everyone we see throughout the day. Just like a manicure is a wonderful finishing touch to an outfit, fragrance does the same. Since we love fragrance and organic products, we’ve been loving the Acorelle collection perfumes from My Pure.

The French range Acorelle fragrances are all made with natural ingredients and are certified organic. They’re even said to make you feel good, so the scents act as a healthy mood booster, as the natural fragrance molecules used in the products are said to enhance your mood and feelings of well-being.

The scents in the collection include: Jasmine Allure, Intense Cherry, Brilliant Pepper, Vanilla Gardenia, White Orchid and Essence of Rose. Here at Amazing PR, we’ve decided our favourite scent is Intense Cherry. It’s a rich, robust floral fragrance that makes a statement without being too strong. We still love all of the scents in the collection, since other scents like White Orchid are better suited for an office environment.

If you’re stuck in a scent rut or just looking to try something new, we definitely recommend these fragrances to help you smell as great as you look!

Head here to get your own bottle of Acorelle fragrance for only £15 per bottle. You can also purchase rollerball fragrances or gift sets if you’re hoping to share the gift of fragrance with a loved one.