All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask - Nügg

With summer firmly in sight, no more can the excuse of cold weather be used to explain and excuse chapped lips. So we here, at The Amazing Blog, have the solution for those of you that suffer from naturally dry and easily damaged lips. This must have product comes from Nügg and is their All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask.

When the All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask arrived it instantly looked magical, the product is stored in a gold orb and is accompanied with a reusable, white, linen beauty cloth. The mask is vegan, 100% natural and made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Licorice Root Complex. The product worked incredibly well as an intensive lip mask, helping to hydratesoften and condition lips. We think that not only would this product be an excellent friend to those with naturally dry lips, but would also be the perfect beauty accessory to take on holiday. It's definitely a travel must have, as we can think of nothing better than after a long flight and then arriving at our hotel to apply a generous amount of the cream to our lips to restore the moisture and soft texture that airplanes so cruelly take from us. And that's all it takes to restore and revive the skin, leave it on for twenty minutes or overnight before wiping off with your new reusable beauty cloth - it could not be easier! On top of that, you won't use the whole mask at once, so the cream lasts a surprisingly long time.

You can purchase Nügg's Lip Mask  here for £9.49