All Naturals – Organic Soaps


Julita Geary suffered from eczema all her life. She tried dermatologist-recommended products, but they didn’t quite do the job. To make matters worse, Julita learned that there are over 90,000 chemicals used in today’s skincare industry, and only a portion are tested for long-term effect. Once her daughter was born and had even worse eczema than her, Julita decided enough was enough.

All Naturals was created with the intent to provide consumers with eco-friendly, non-irritating soaps. Their sixteen soaps consist of key ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, and rosa canina (or rose hip) seed oil. The soaps also contain shea butter and cocoa seed butter, refreshing essential oils, botanical extracts, herbs, and scents. As regular readers will know, The Amazing Blog is very fond of products with uncomplicated ingredients. We particularly like All Naturals products are cruelty-free and vegan, plus every bar of soap has a rich lather and is made using the cold process technique. This process guarantees that the loveliness of natural ingredients is preserved as much as possible.

All these soaps are suitable for face, hands and body and are free from preservatives, parabens, silicones, detergents, PEG’s polyethylene glycols, petroleum products, SLS sulphates, propylene and alcohol. There are also ethically handmade in Nottingham. When it comes to our bodies, there’s nothing like simplicity, and the All Naturals soap bar formula removes skin toxins, defends against skin cell damage, moisturises, and provides relief from skin irritation. These are things we like to hear.

We tested out four of their 100% organic soap bars. The Neroli Orange Blossom soap bar is great for skin in need of hydration. It is full of omegas, vitamins, minerals, and natural moisturisers, with a light citrus scent. The Almond Blossom and Oatmeal, is gentle, and aids dry skin by soothing it. We loved the sweet nutty fragrance. The Linden Blossom and Honey helped to ease tension, as we enjoyed its creamy lather. This bar is great for all skin types, and can also be used on the face. Lastly, is our favourite, the Olive Oil and Calendula, designed for eczema. Some members of our team deal with eczema, so it was particularly special to find a natural, fragrance-free soap that caters towards those needs. Each of the All Naturals soap bars can be purchased from Boots here £4.99 each or for a more extensive collection of products from Amazon here.