Andrew Barton - Miracle Collection - Hair Brushes

Here at The Amazing Blog, our hair routine is pretty extensive, and we always make sure to have the right tools and products on hand to make our locks look fabulous. The right hairbrush can make all the difference, and right now we’re loving the Miracle Shine brushes from Andrew Barton. Jenclare Brands generously allowed us to try the full range of hair brushes, and we were pleased with the results. Each brush is gold and black in colour, bringing forth a chic and edgy design.

The five brushes in the collection each address a different hair concern or hair type. The Miracle Revitalise and Miracle Volume brushes worked great when styling straight looks, since we got sleek and smooth hair without the hassle. The Miracle Curls brush gave our curly-haired employees defined, natural curls when blow drying, while nixing frizz and adding volume. The shape of the brush allows for styling in all directions, so it’s easy to achieve the style you want without losing the shape of curls. If you’re just looking to brush your dry hair and head out the day after you style your hair, try the Miracle Protect and Miracle Shine brushes to detangle and soften your tresses. We were pleased with each of the brushes, as each provided us with the hair benefits we wanted for the day.

Get your own set of Andrew Barton brushes here or at your local ASDA store. The cost of each brush varies, but they are all under £10.