Anti-Pollution Skin Supplement Essence - FoM London

We here at The Amazing Blog love new and cutting edge skincare. Which is why we haven’t been able to get enough of FoM London’s new, and beauty awards shortlisted. This miracle product left our skin feeling both softer and cleaner throughout the whole day, while protecting it from the ageing and damaging effects of pollution.

The Anti-Pollution Skin Supplement Essence radical skin care at it's best. The unique ingredients in the essence help  the product act as a second skin, almost like a physical barrier between you and the unavoidable pollution in the air. At the base of the treatment a silk a floral bouquet bathes the face in moisture, while juniper and sage help to protect the skin from free radicals and pollution. The red raspberry leaves in the essence contain tannins and flavonoids which reduces discoloration and dark spots on the face. All the ingredients help give the product a naturally fruity and delightful scent, which will certainly keep you coming back for more! Incorporating this product into your routine is not only easy but is worth it as the essence deeply hydrates your skin, protects the antioxidants in it, supports collagen growth and leaves skin looking much brighter.

With a watery texture, the product is very easy to use. To apply, you simply need to put two pumps of the essence onto a cotton pad, and gently brush it over your face and neck, before using your favourite moisturiser. It is recommended that you use the product twice a day, in the mornings and evening.

If you’re worried about the effects of pollution on the skin, and even if you're not, we could not recommend this product enough. You can purchase it here for £32.00.