Antonia Burrell Pure Therapy Facial Serum

The miraculous powers of facial serums are not taken lightly here at The Amazing Blog. For brighter skin and a healthy glow, we love the Pure Therapy Facial Serum from Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare.

This facial oil serum contains 21 pure plant extracts and essential oils. When combined, the ingredients help to make skin look luminous and fresh. It works as a great complexion pick-me-up before a big party, and helps to nix the look of stress from working hard, as the calming essential oils will put your mind at ease as well.

As if the product inside of the fancy bottle isn’t alluring enough, the packaging was even designed with longevity in mind. The bottles are made from Swiss violet glass, which is proven to preserve the bio energy of the plant actives. This prevents UV light from penetrating so the product can consistently deliver only the best treatment to your skin.

The serum can serve as a remedy for a variety of skin concerns, including: uneven tone, scars, dark spots and pigmentation. In return, your skin will be radiant, glowing and flawless, with improved texture and clarity. It's an anti-ageing product with a variety of extra benefits.

Pick up this fabulous serum for £58.80 on the Antonia Burrell website here and get ready for all of the skincare compliments to roll in.