Banana-Banana Conditioner by Tina Cassaday


We here at The Amazing Blog were delighted to receive Tina Cassaday’s Banana-Banana Conditioner.  We had heard of the many benefits banana had on health, skin and hair so we couldn’t be happier to experience this hair conditioner that promised amazing results. We must say that we haven’t been disappointed.

The Banana-Banana Conditioner was created by Tina Cassaday, a celebrity hair stylist that used her experience and knowledge to create a most hydrating and moisturising hair product. Tina Cassaday is a firm believer in the benefits of natural hair care products. Thus, she decided to make Banana Pulp the star ingredient of her conditioner. Banana pulp is a rich conditioning ingredient that deeply nourishes hair leaving them soft and shiny. The product is enriched with potassium, vitamins and Alpha Fruit Complex derived from sugar cane, citrus fruits and apples.

Formulated to provide deep hydration to the hair, the Banana-Banana conditioner repairs, protects and enhances hair appearance. It is particularly efficient for hair that has been chemically processed and that needs extra-moisture and care. The conditioner can be applied for five to forty minutes. The blend of banana pulp and liquid fruit extracts allows this conditioner to deliver the ultimate nourishment hair needs. After application hair feels softer, stronger, more manageable and has a lovely fruity smell.The product is vegan and not tested on animals.                  

Purchase a pack of 6 Banana-Banana Conditioner sachets here for £25.