Belazu Olive Oils


Do you ever wonder where the professional chefs source their ingredients from - not so much the obvious ones which are just a question of researching the supermarket shelves, but more those definitive nuances which play with your taste buds and turn simple dishes into something utterly extraordinary? If so, like us, at The Amazing Blog you should certainly check out The Belazu Ingredient Co, they sound Italian, don’t they? In fact, this exciting company is the product of our own fair island, based in Middlesex, and supplying all manner of goodies to the catering trade throughout the Midlands and the South East; as well as us the consumer.

The team behind Belazu not only offer up their fabulous produce, but also an extensive range of fabulously delicious menu ideas to enable us to get the very best out of their products. The Verdemanda Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a case in point, which we were completely seduced by. We used it in one of their recipes for grilled nectarines and were blown away by the result.  However, brace yourselves for a seemingly simple idea of Tomato Toast, which is transported to gourmet heaven by their Fresh Parsley Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not forgetting to mention their delicious Fresh Basil or Fig Leaf Extra Virgin Olive Oils. These latter three are very special indeed, as they are made by compressing the leaves which are thrown amongst the olives as they are being stone ground. The two oils are cold extracted, already 'fused' together, at least in a culinary sense. In our view, this is what makes these so tasty and special as all the goodness from the leaves is captured together not compromising the flavours. 

Belazu clearly have an acute passion for what they do, and the products they bring sustainably to the marketplace. Their website also offers an insight into the Belazu Foundation, a charity they set up to bring education to the children of Morocco, through their schools and a women’s centre, allowing students to read, write and speak French, Arabic and Berber languages.

The components of The Belazu Ingredients Co reach far and wide, and in the process offer up something very special in their core products, which are available to us all through stockists and of course their website. Prices range from £12 for the 500ml for the moreish Fresh Basil Extra Virgin Oil, to £18.70 for the zesty Fig Leaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You will be entranced by the variety and will want to try their recipes, but the best part of this innovative company is that once tasted, you'll just keep coming back for more!