Benecos - Konjac Sponges

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We’re halfway through the week, and back with another Benecos product. Regular readers of The Amazing Blog will remember that we featured their Natural Lip Gloss back in a March, and we were therefore thrilled to try their Konjac Sponges. Created by Silke and Stephan Becker, Benecos was established to provide makeup, skincare and haircare for both men and women, all with the ambition to encourage more environmentally conscious choices.

Their Konjac Sponges are no exception, made with 100% konnyaku root, aiming to encourage people to use natural exfoliants, as opposed to those containing harmful micro beads. These sponges are a gentle exfoliant, and can be used with a mild cleanser or on their own. We tested all three Konjac Sponges, the first being the Bamboo Black Charcoal. After soaking this sponge in water for a couple of minutes (as you must do with all three), we found that this sponge rid our faces of the day’s dirt. Black charcoal is ideal if you’re looking to rid the skin of common impurities, such as excess oil and bacteria. If you have sensitive skin, then the Red Clay Sponge is the best choice for you. While it exfoliates, this sponge is very gentle and calming. Lastly, the Green Tea Sponge is great for combination and dry skin. While balancing your complexion, the Green Tea Sponge also detoxifies, hydrates, and soothes irritation to the skin.

Thanks to these Konjac Sponges, our skin is so much softer - goodbye dry and flaky skin. An added bonus? These sponges last for two months, and are subsequently compostable and biodegradable. Guilt free skincare! To try a sponge for yourself, then click here, where each one can be purchased for £6.95.