BEYofi - Beard Oil/ Beard Shampoo/ Moustache Wax

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BEYofi  is a well-known stateside beauty brand, founded by celebrity hairdresser Bernard D Evans who launched his luxury brand way back in the 1980s. With BEYof’s foundation originally based in the hair care maintenance market, they now have an impressive portfolio of subsidiary divisions encompassing skincare, hair treatments, fragrance, and most importantly for us boys at The Amazing Blog, men’s grooming. Bringing Evan’s formidable knowledge and expertise to every sphere of the BEYofi empire, it’s the intense pampering afforded to our beards and moustaches that we zero in on today.

The need to ensure our facial follicles are in tiptop condition and presented to the world as perfectly as can be, has never been more important, and fast becoming a vital part of our toolkit in achieving that, is this trio of high-end goodies which we are highlighting here. The first thing you will notice with the Beard Oil is the delicious fragrance - a clean line of lime, accentuated with cedar wood, and bay leaf, which happily remains gently wafting throughout the day. This sublime scent is carried through to the Beard Shampoo which may sound a step towards over-indulgence, but will fast become a daily necessity. SLS-free, paraben-free and sodium chloride-free, the emphasis for this product is to thoroughly cleanse without drying out the skin or indeed the hair follicle, leaving fresh whiskers and perky skin.

With the Moustache Wax the BEYofi team go full-throttle in pushing our senses into citrus overdrive, whilst giving a firm hold on the style front. With this one, it helps if you warm the wax first with a hair dryer, and then apply a small amount into the moustache before shaping. Price wise, we are looking at £21.95 for 30ml of the Mens Beard Oil here, £17.45 for 10ml of the Mens Beard Shampoo here  and £16.95 for 15ml of the Moustache Wax here. The girls and I will be reviewing more from Mr Evan’s collection – so watch this space!