Blue Labelle - Biologique Face Oils

It's always important to have a great moisturiser in your arsenal, especially now that the days are drawing in and the cold winter air is poised to wreak havoc on our complexions. We at The Amazing Blog love to opt for rich and nourishing face oils during the chilly months, and this year, we've discovered a gem in Blue Labelle’s Biologique 100% Organic Face Oils. Each oil caters to a different type of skin, so you're sure to find something that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

If sensitive skin is your issue, then Blue Labelle recommend their Marula & Amaranth Oil, designed with sensitivity in mind. With the ability to protect and nourish the face, the mixture of CO2 and cold-pressed oils evenly tones sensitive skin and allows the face to maintain the proper moisture levels it needs to remain soft and feel fantastic.

Sought after ingredient, Moringa Oil makes an appearance in the Moringa & Raspberry Seed Oil Perfect for treating both oily or dry skin, the blend of Moringa & Raspberry is unique in its universal suitability. These ingredients are filled with phytonutrients which makes it easy for the skin to absorb. If you are looking for that beautiful glow, this is the oil for you.

Our personal favourite, however, was Blue Labelle's anti-ageing offering. Argan & Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Omega 7, which is a crucial ingredient in any anti-ageing product and assists in overall skin protection. With the ability to treat the effects of ageing and replenish the skin, what more could we ask for? We'll certainly be using this great oil to keep our skin looking young and feeling soft throughout the winter months.

Blue Labelle's Biologique Face Oils contain a combination of natural nut and seed oils and are all completely vegan. Crafted individually for special skin types, these products are sure to please. Visit the Blue Labelle website to pick up the Argan & Sea Buckthorn Oil for £24, or to choose the face oil that is perfect for you and your skin.