Booster Brow, Booster Lip - Bardou


Eyebrows and lips are two important facial features that as women we like to take extra care with, which is why at The Amazing Blog we were excited with the products we received from Bardou.

Bardou is a British brand that specialises in luxury haircare products and styling. With the success of their haircare range, they are now exploring the beauty industry with their new cosmetic range.  Their new Booster Brow that has recently launched is a one-step brow gel that is available in four shades including blonde, auburn, brown and black/brown as this product is suitable for all.  Don’t leave it another day longer if you’re not happy with your eyebrows whether your tired of the product your using as its smudging and doesn’t last as long as you wanted or you haven’t find the right product to achieve the brows you desire ;why not try booster brow you can have defined shape brows in just two minutes.

 If you’re looking for a natural long-lasting brow application that won’t disappoint and will leave your brows defined and smudge free this product is right for you.   It is recommended to apply on clean and dry eyebrows and to make sure there is no product over this area. Less is more with this product as you want the brows to look natural, it is best to fill the brows in using a light stroke technique working in the direction of the hair growth. Once you have the desired amount filled in you want to use the brush that is supplied to blend the product in and distribute the colour evenly to get the best result.

Selfies are the new obsession everyone can’t get enough of them, but one thing that has become popular in the female community is the desire to have bigger fuller lips and one product that will enhance and plump your lips to get the perfect pout is the Booster Lip.   Not only will this product enhance and plump this area and give them a volume boost that will last up to four days of applying this semi-permanent product will smooth, hydrate and moisturise and will keep your lips looking good. This product is a good lip care to have in your cosmetic collection as it has beneficial nutrients in the ingredients such as honey, plus another key feature is this product is paraben free.

You can boost your lips in under two minutes using this lip booster  to get the look you want, how to apply this product you directly use the booster lip onto the area with the easy use of the brush tip provided, just wait five minutes to work its magic and then apply lipstick on.  

We were pleased with the results of these products and you can grab the booster brow here for £25.00 and the booster lip here for £15.00.