Lately, our blog posts have been centred around healthy snacks. However, don’t be fooled by these posts. We here at The Amazing Blog love to indulge in some delicious sweets every now and then, which is why we were delighted to receive macarons from Cake-Cetera…they definitely sweetened up our day!

Cake-Cetera designs all different kinds of cakes, as well as French macarons. Its macarons come in 5 different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, pistachio and raspberry & lemon. With this variety of flavours, you are bound to find one that you love.

Made from a simple mix of eggs, butter, sugar and almonds, the macarons are a delightful treat that you can enjoy without worrying about eating a mouth full of additives. With 12 macarons per box, they are perfect for gift-giving or sharing, if you are willing to give any up after the first bite.

For those wanting to send macarons to a family member or friend, Cake-Cetera will include an edible message on the macarons and top them off with sprinkles. The skill and precision of the messages on Cake-Cetera’s macarons are truly enviable and you almost feel bad about eating it. Almost.

You can purchase Cake Cetera’s macarons here for your own enjoyment or you can send them gift-wrapped to family members or friends. They are only £12.00 and they even ship nationwide!