Cashmere Care Mist - Catherine Robinson

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Here at The Amazing Blog, one of our key essentials to have all year round is a product that will keep your wardrobe smelling freshly scented 24/7.  Catherine Robinson has released a refresher spray exclusively to her brand called Grace; this product is a signature scent to Catherine.

Catherine Robinson specialises in designing luxurious cashmere clothing and accessories with the finest cashmere made in Mongolia. Known for her luxury products and elegant brand, Catherine released a cashmere care mist that will keep your soft knitted wear protected and refreshed by its beautiful fruity scent. The fragrance is infused with kumquat, grapefruit and bergamot flower. This fruity combination will complement your clothes really well.  

The refresher spray is a cashmere care mist, however we tried on other items off clothing and it still complemented the clothing well as it has multiple purposes and smells delicious on. It is recommended to use this product approximately at an angle so you do not soak the garment, and wait a few minutes before storing the item in your wardrobe, or before you wear it so it can dry properly.

Grab yourself this luxury essential for £15.00 here