Ramer Sponges - Wet Shave Towel

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It will come as no surprise to regular readers of The Amazing Blog to hear that whenever we get the chance to report on a product which will help the daily ritual of shaving a tad more successful, then we are up for it with our razors primed … add the promise of some serious ‘salonesque’ pampering into the mix, and we cannot hold ourselves back. So, when we heard the whisper that Ramer Sponges were set to launch a new collection targeted at us boys, called Ramer For Men, we kept our eyes peeled for the first offerings. Zeroing in today on the ingenious idea of the Ramer For Men, Wet Shave Towel  - although don’t let that put you off exploring their extensive range for boys, girls, grown-ups and little ones alike.

Those of us lucky enough to enjoy the true expertise of a trained barber, will not only know the intense relaxation afforded when having our skin prepared by a professional before the slicing of the blade commences, but also the vital task all that preparation does in opening up the pores and softening the beard. By lubricating the follicles effectively of course we lessen the chance of the dreaded razor drag which inevitably leads to razor rash and burn which is never a good start to the day! And chaps, we need to make a note of the growing trend of losing the hipster beard trend - 55% of us are now embracing a smoother look according to an online poll, and making the most of that precious half hour spent in the barber’s chair. Which is where Ramer come in and present their wonderful option of enjoying the salon experience every day at home with their Wet Shave Towel.

The process with this Wet Shave Towel could not be easier - simply immerse the towel in hot water, squeeze and apply to the face to soften the beard; the heat and moisture will open up the pores, preparing the skin effectively for the razor onslaught.Then shave as we would normally, removing excess foam when complete, and rinse the towel, but this time in cold water. Re-apply to the face to close up the pores, and moisturise, thereby giving us the luxury of a wet shave barber experience, but in the comfort of our own bathroom. To store, we simply rinse again and allow to dry - each towel is super-soft, hypoallergenic, machine washable at 40º and ideal for sensitive skin.

This Wet Shave Towel comes in 3 colours (black, lime green and ultra violet) with approximate dimensions of this new found favourite, is 360mm x 210mm and retails at just £6.99 available here or from John Lewis and Superdrug.  We think that it will be simply a matter of time before this magic towel becomes as indispensable as the razor itself.

BEYofi Shaving Gel, Balm and Oil

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As our desire for ever more intricate and precision shaving styles increases, so does our need for efficient tools with which we can execute our creativity with pinpoint accuracy, whilst still ensuring our skin is as protected as much as possible when the blade descends. We at The Amazing Blog notice that more and more brands are now extending their shaving ranges to include far more user-friendly options, and BEYofi are the perfect example of this - most notably their Mens Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin, formulated with exactly that in mind, whilst also avoiding irritating the skin as far as possible. 

The shaving range is attractively packaged all with pump dispensers. But it is this Shaving Gel For Sensitive Skin, that is the one that really caught my eye. Its rich formula is designed not to lather up into an explosion of bubbles, but rather simply provide thorough lubrication of the skin along with effective moisturisation so we can sculpt away to our heart’s content. Similarly, the BEYofi Shaving Balm has also been formulated to ensure it is easily absorbed, soothing the skin to avoid irritation, soreness and reduce the dreaded razor burn. This delight is fragrance-free, allowing your choice of after-shave to remain unhindered as you complete the task in hand.

With an impressive heritage behind him, the creative genius that is Bernard D. Evans, has come up trumps once again with a superb product to add to his already impressive range to help us in our quest. The product however which perhaps exemplifies the versatility of this line is the Mens Shaving Oil, which has a three-in-one functionality, allowing us to use it on it’s own, as a preparation base for a shaving cream, or indeed as a post shave serum, and all with a fresh peppermint and lemon fragrance to engage the nostrils! The Shaving gel retails at £19.75 (100ml), the Shaving Balm for £20.45 (100ml), and the Shaving Oil comes in at £21.45 for 30ml, and all available through here.

Urban Jack - Revolution Shave Serum

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We have often wondered here at The Amazing Blog, why when it comes to shaving the unwanted follicles from our varied skin types, many shaving preparations often obliterate any view of the actual epidermis? When we are about to drag a ferociously sharp razor edge across our chins, would it not make more sense to have a cream which actually keeps visibility as a priority, allowing us to see what we are trying to do? We all have highly individual challenges when it comes to our skin, whether that be problematic acne or moles which obviously need to avoid the unforgiving blade, or indeed the more aesthetic requirements of trimming away only that which we are wanting to get rid of.

The anwer to this conundrum has happily arrived in the stylishly  designed range of products from Urban Jack - and in particular a hero product in the shape of their Revolution Shave Serum which was swiftly transferred onto the beard which needed a bit of attention. Boasting some seriously impressive ingredients -vitis vinifera (grape) fruit meristem cell culture, which are powerful antiioxidants that protect skin from UV stress and maintains the cell characteristics of epidermal stem cells; limanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil which functions as a skin-conditioning agent oryza sativa (rice) bran oil extract for skin soothing enzymes and antioxidant properties. And always one of our favourites, shea butter which not only provides a rich source of vitamin A, but is also rapidly absorbed into the skin and seals in moisture helping to keep those wrinkles at bay. The rice bran oil also brings unsaturated fatty acids to the mix, as well as natural antioxidants and vitamin E to help protect the skin, whereas the alba seed oil helps to form a natural barrier to keep moisture within the skin, avoiding dehydration. As proud as Urban Jack are of this shaving gem that is made up of 96% natural ingredients, they also take great pride in being against animal testing, as well as dermatologically tested, totally vegan-friendly, and of course made in the UK!

Urban Jack offer up a few suggestions to their customers of ‘how to use’ here . It comes  in at a very competitive priced £18 for 30ml, the Revolution ShaveSerum is available through their online shop here where the complete range can also be thoroughly inspected, which is definitely worth checking out for all the other goodies on offer. Standard delivery is free of charge, but we also have the option of next day delivery which is charged at £3.95. 

War Paint Makeup For Men - Concealer/ Tinted Moisturiser

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Stand by your beds troops, we are about to be brought to attention - or is that ‘TEN-SHUN’? Well, whichever is besides the point, just so long as our skin is primed and ready for action… if not, the very exciting range from Warpaint Makeup For Men that has been lined up with military precision on this desk at The Amazing Blog is just what you need. Brace yourselves boys, we have got to pull our socks up and focus on bringing our grooming regime up to scratch, or accept defeat in the face of … well the face really!

Warpaint Makeup For Men, was launch by Daniel Gray who shares with us his struggle with body dysmorphic disorder, which propelled him on his journey starting the brand and helping other, he tells us: “I still struggle every single day with how I look but every day I’m learning how to handle it and I wouldn’t have progressed and come as far as I have if it hadn’t of been for makeup”. He also went on to say, “I’m in no way saying that makeup is a cure for bullies, or a miracle serum for low self-esteem and lack of confidence. But using makeup has really helped me manage my BDD and by creating War Paint, I hope it opens a door for men to also get the support they need from makeup.” The brand has broken the stigma that makeup is just for women by creating this masculine looking range of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. Apparently, there is a difference between men and women’s skin, men’s skin ranges from nearly 25% thicker due to the testosterone production which in turn creates more sebum and increases the oil produced.

Taking care of our skin is nothing new, in fact unless we have been cowering under a stone for the past 20 years, then each of us will have to some extent a daily routine of keeping our skin in as perky a condition as possible - the fact we are here tapping away merrily on the laptop at all is evidence of that. However, the inevitable has become mainstream, and now simply maintaining what Mother Nature gave us, is not enough - now we have to be making the very best of what we have with the help of Warpaint- great name to help recruitment, and great product for those of us who have already signed up and are now committed to showing ourselves at our best on the frontline!

The Tinted Moisturiser  is three products in one - a foundation, moisturiser and concealerLight and easily absorbed, the tint just gives an extra depth to your skin tone, and if you need help choosing what skin type you are, then head over to here to see all the options to discover. For heavier blemishes or scars, we have the Warpaint Concealer in our arsenal to help cover those up, containing tea tree oil to boost the epidermis whilst in action. As a tip, we found using the handy shaped Face Sponge to apply the concealer which is available as part of the full range, made life a lot easier, but both products can be applied with the fingers if unarmed combat is more your thing. Costing £22 for 30ml of the Tinted Moisturiser here and £18 for a 5g pot of Concealer here, funding this weaponry for the daily battle ahead isn’t going to break the bank. All products are available through their website  here. BTW with every one their Concealers that you buy, War Paint will donate 50p from each concealer sale to CALM Campaign Against Living Miserably. This charity promotes the freedom of talking about the burdens that men face and the positive affect that a simple chat can have, when you’re just not feeling quite yourself. So remember troops - YOUR skin needs YOU!

Mr Vanguard - Eau de Parfum

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As expectations go, the grooming market for us boys was always going to be big, however exploding into the multi-billion dollar industry has thoroughly proved the doubters wrong. My colleagues at The Amazing Blog inform me that within that market, the growth of  male fragrances has been extraordinary - a glance along the shelves in any perfumier exemplifies the range available. The array of bottles and concoctions designed in a myriad of shapes, colours and textures which would not be out of place in an art gallery, scream out for our attention - and of course our hard earned cash.

So, it is something of a breath of freshly scented air that Mr Vanguard arrived in 2017 offering up a discreet, and yet highly individual fragrance to challenge the huge marketing budgets of the larger brands.  Founded by Emmanuel Omoyele he commented that he wanted to “Develop a new generation of fragrance, merging quality, innovation and style.” He was determined to create a debut scent that was distinctive and a brand that fed the psyche of the contemporary man. Thus, proving that success stems from the core certainty of a winning product, rather than the hype of a huge advertising campaign. And the groaning shelf of awards Mr Vanguard has been decorated with is proof positive that these guys have a true winner on their hands, being awarded Best New British Brand, in Pure Beauty Awards 2018.

The fragrance has top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and coconut, along with jasmine, lily of the valley and rose; we’re transported to the tropical climates of The Far East and The Caribbean, finishing with the base notes of amber, vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli. A complex mix, with several layers, but ultimately a fresh and clean scent that will not overpower. The bottle itself is a triumph of self-restraint - clean and clear glass, angular in shape, simple no nonsense masculinity. Currently only available online here and competitively priced at £64.99 for 50ml, this self-assured fragrance is fast garnering a wide and loyal following, with exciting plans to expand distribution and availability.