Cawston Press – Sparkling Drinks


Here at The Amazing Blog, we love nothing more than sipping on a can of something fizzy. However so many of them are too sweet and sickly, leaving us with what feels like a layer of fur on our teeth. Not to mention the countless artificial ingredients that we unwittingly put into our bodies. We were therefore suitably excited when Cawston Press created their range of sparkling drinks.

Cawston Press has maintained their aim to make delicious soft drinks using only quality ingredients, the finest fruit is picked at harvest and the juice used is pressed rather than concentrated. This gives the sparkling drinks the freshness of flavour that is blended to perfection with other ingredients from their kitchen garden. The variation in colours, tastes, and textures of the apple makes it the staple ingredient in all of Cawston Press’ drinks, including their new sparkling variety.

We had the chance to try the Ginger Beer and Elderflower Lemonade, there are only a few ingredients used but Cawston Press do not compromise on taste. The Ginger Beer has a crisp, almost dry taste to it with the inclusion of fiery ginger extracts; on the other hand the Elderflower Lemonade is fairly sweet, light and extremely fragrant due to the infusion of elderflower. In comparison to other sparkling soft drinks, these are fairly low in sugar. Now there will be no guilty conscious after treating ourselves to a delicious and refreshing sparkling drink.

Make sure you treat yourself to a guilt-free soft drink; get yours here for 99p per can or £3.50 for 6.