Cheeky Cow Cheese

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love decadent cheeses with our crackers and wine. Our latest search for a yummy new cheese to try lead us to Cheeky Cow cheeses, which are lactose free, have 50% less fat and 30% less salt than regular cheeses and contain only 80 calories per 30 gram serving.

This new cheese is made by Cricketer Farms, a Somerset-based dairy farm with a motivated team of 30 dairy farmers across West Country. They are one of the first dairy companies in the country to sign up for the Voluntary Dairy Code of Practice back in 2012, showing their commitment to quality first-hand. Their cheeses are said to be the healthiest alternative to full-fat cheddar cheeses currently on the market, with high levels of protein and calcium.

At the office, we loved the Cheeky Cow cheeses and their great taste. The individually wrapped cheese packets were an easy way to enjoy a healthy on-the-go snack, while the larger block of cheese could be grated over pasta dishes or cut up to share with friends. The cheese has a sharp cheddar taste that complemented crackers and grapes perfectly.

To support local farmers while enjoying delicious British cheese, head to their online shop here to pick up your own packs of Cheeky Cow cheese.