Do you love a good murder mystery novel or movie? At The Amazing Blog we often place ourselves into the story and try to solve it. Now, we can put our mystery solving skills to the test with CluedUpp, a city-wide crime-solving adventure game.

CluedUpp is a new type of gaming experience that allows you to walk around your city with a group of friends and solve murder mysteries! It’s basically a giant, outdoor version of the game Cluedo but with a fun new twist. They have games all over the UK, but one will be happening in Westminster on November 2nd 2019. You don’t want to miss out; over 100 detective teams are expected to take part.

Set in 1960s London, you and your fellow team of detectives will be solving the double murder of the notorious “Kray Brothers”. Download the CluedUpp app & follow the clues around the city to collect information and interview witnesses! Will you be able to solve the case in time?  CluedUpp’s founder, Tref Griffiths said “We’ve held events in London several times before and always have a fantastic turnout. We can’t wait to see if our detectives are up to the challenge of solving our hardest case yet!”


Taking place entirely via CluedUpp’s award-winning phone app, the game will see teams of up to 6 players competing to unveil the mysterious murderer. The game is fully self-guided, you can start the case anytime you want between 10:00 and 13:00 on November 2nd, but you must be able to finish by 17:00. Make sure to grab five of your best mates dressed in fancy 1960s dress! There are prizes awarded to the fastest team, best dressed team, the best team name & many more.


Grab your magnifying glass and start cracking the case! An Earlybird Ticket can be bought for £36 per team of up to 6 adults (little detectives and dogs play for free!) And can be purchased here. If you miss Earlybird prices, don’t worry! Standard Team Tickets can be purchased for £46 per team of 6. If you can’t make it on the 2nd, check out the schedule here to take part in other days .