Conscious Water


Mindfulness is something we try to work on here in the office at TheAmazingBlog Therefore anything that enhance this state of mind is a huge plus. Enter centre right Conscious Water which is a 100% natural flower essence water enhancer. You simply add it to water for a refreshing drink and to add an aspiration to your day. There are six aspirations to choose between; sweet dreams, clarity, love, serenity, rejuvenation, and happiness.

By choosing one of the Conscious Water aspiration sachets and drinking it, you are reminding yourself to take a moment to yourself each day to reflect on who you are, and what you would like to achieve. In our hurly burly world we just love this idea. Other than the affirmations, there are a variety of flavours that offer a very subtle and pleasant herbal taste and making our London tap water a bit more interesting! The natural herbal remedies of plant extracts and flower essences are a wonderful alternative to traditional medicines. Ilan Azouri, the founder, claims that herbal remedies give him a good life balance and happiness, and that's what we're aiming for!

If you are one for mindfulness, these Conscious Waters are a great way of taking a brief moment out of your day to focus on yourself, and step away from the hectic world that we live in. We think that they make an original gift or stocking filler for Christmas. They contain only natural flavourings, no artificial colours and chemcials or artificial preservatives. Purchase a pack of 30 for £39, or a tasting pack for £8.95 on their website here.