Assorted Fudge By Buttermilk

Who doesn’t love Cornwall? It’s a beachy county full of ice cream, scones and fudge, and it is the county’s remarkably delicious fudge that The Amazing Blog turns its attention to today.  Buttermilk is a brilliant family run Cornish company that has been creating remarkable artisanal confectionary since 1964. Their award winning treats are lovingly handmade using traditional methods, including copper pans over open flames. As such, they make a host of delicious and mouth-watering confectionary that you should share with the whole family, but won’t want to.

We were spoiled for choice when buttermilk sent over four exciting products, all traditional treats with a tantalising Buttermilk twist. We tried their Caramel Sea Salt Fudge, Cookies and Cream Fudge, Chocolate Almond Brittle and Chocolate Honeycomb. The Cornish honeycomb was marvellous, light and airy it had a bitter sweet juxtaposition in its flavour, as the dark toffee of the honeycomb clashes with the sweet and creamy milk chocolate it’s covered with. The nutty and sweet taste of the chocolate covered and hand broken almond brittle is infused with sea salt that adds a burst of sophistication to a loveable childhood favourite.  Similarly the buttery caramel sea salt fudge crumbles and melts as the opposing flavours of sweet and salty melt together - it’s no surprise this fudge has won awards, its moreish-ness is nearly unparalleled, that is until you try Buttermilk’s new cookie and cream fudge of course. This fudge contains delectable pieces of real chocolate cookies in the perfect, smooth and creamy fudge. For a 150g box of fudge  it starts from £3.75 and the honeycomb and brittles from £3.99. Or if you have a sweet tooth, why not spoil yourself with a 'Taste Them All' mixed pack of 10 varieties for just £38.