Danai’s Beauty Box Company’s Bath, Body & Massage Oil

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The best thing to do after a long and sweaty day at work, besides eating, of course, is taking a bath. If baths don’t work for you, massages are another fantastic tension reliever. It's all about finding something to help loosen shoulder tension and aid relaxation. The Amazing Blog has found a perfect all-in-one product, the Bath, Body, and Massage Oil by Danai’s Beauty Box Company.

Danai’s Beauty Box Company, a British brand with a focus on skincare, hair, body, and make-up was founded over three years ago by cousins, Mary and Bola, in London. In her youth, Mary dealt with eczema flare-ups, so she experimented with natural ingredients, resulting in the formation of the scrumptiously scented range of products. Danai’s Beauty Box Company is proud to offer organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products — yes, please! We love their mission statement: 'Use nature to heal the skin'.

The Bath, Body & Massage Oil: Chamomile Neroli scent is a soothing and tranquil blend of chamomile and neroli, with vitamin-rich sweet almond, green tea, and extra virgin oils. The list continues, with lavender oil, fir needle oil and rosemary extract. Every waft of this cocktail has you noticing the complex multitude of scents. One moment you smell the subtleness sweetness of chamomile, and the next you notice the earthy green tea oil. However, something to note is that the fragrance is not at all overpowering. Danai’s Beauty Box Company has found a unique and clever balance in this formula. A special plus to this oil is its ability to be used on normal to dry and damaged skin with a softening effect. Those of you with sensitive or dry skin, we recommend applying this as a body oil before bed, or a few drops in the bath. We found it very relaxing and hydrating. Purchase Danai's Beauty Box Company's Bath, Body & Massage Oil: Chamomile Neroli scent here for £12.00. This is one of the three different oil combinations in the range - with Grapefruit & Lime and Magnolia & Rose too.