Earl Grey and Green Tea - Hope and Glory Tea

Fancy a cup of tea? Here at The Amazing Blog, the answer to that question is always yes. Today we are drinking Hope & Glory tea and savouring every sip. From the robust flavours in the Maharaja signature range to the softer more delicate herbal tisanes in the Rani range, Hope and Glory tea will lift your spirits. Certified, organic and completely free trade, this tea is hand-picked from countries all over the world and is curated with the British palate in mind.  

Their teas are split into four collections, each with a name as royal as the tea itself. There is the robust and strong Maharajah collection, the nurturing and natural Maharani collection, the unique Rajah collection and of course the delicate Rani range. Hope & Glory offers their products as either loose leaf sachets or as pyramid tea bags with differing quantity options for each. 

We were fortunate enough to sample Hope and Glory’s Earl Grey Tea and Green Tea which are both from the Rani collection. The Earl Grey has a light and aromatic flavour. Infused with natural Bergamot oil this tea has a hint of sweet lime and delectable and refreshing citrus notes. Take it with milk or without, this Earl Grey is delicious and is the perfect way to start your morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. The Green Tea is mellow and bright and, we think, the ideal way to unwind after a long day at the office and a stressful commute home – after all, as Hope and Glory say, “where there is tea there is hope.” 

You can purchase these moreish teas here, and prices range from £11.00 - £25.00 depeding on the style of tea and the quantity you desire.