Epara-Cleansing Lotion and Brightening Night Balm

Epara Tuesday.jpg

At The Amazing Blog, beauty is our common passion. We love discovering new beauty products made for different skin types and age. We were delighted when we received EPARA’s Cleansing Lotion and Brightening Night Balm.

EPARA is an organic and natural skincare brand specialising in Afro-Carribean beauty. After years of suffering from dry and uneven complexion, the founder Ozohu Adoh struggled to find any effective and natural skincare products. So as the story goes, she took a chance and decided to create a brand that would answer the needs of women of colour. In the Nigerian dialect, Ebira, EPARA means “to cocoon oneself” which is the core aim of this brand.

EPARA combined the best of natural African ingredients to create unique and highly nourishing skincare range. The Cleansing Lotion cleanses and gently moisturises and is very efficient in removing all traces of make up and impurities. The lotion is enriched with moringa seed extracts, marula oil, plankton extract, Cananga flower oil and frankincense oil. Together these ingredients work as natural skin brighteners, helping to reduce the imperfections and give a more even skin tone. The oils infused in this formula make the cleanser highly hydrating and perfect for dry or sensitive skin types.

The Brightening Night Balm has won a particular place in our hearts. This balm is infused with the finest ingredients including plankton extracts, allantoin, and hyaluronic acid. Combined, these ingredients replenish the skin with goodness at night, and help reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation. Allantoin and Hyaluronic Acid with their anti-ageing and cell regenerating properties contribute to a softer, clearer and healthier skin tone. The complexion looks instantly rejuvenated and moisturised with the cream absorbing quickly leaving the skin velvety soft. Purchase the Cleansing Lotion here for £40 and the Brightening Night balm here for £100.