Fairfield Gardens - Lip Balms

Here at The Amazing Blog, the girls in the office are always begging me to find a fix for my chapped lips, as I'm constantly suffering from soreness. Until now, I struggled to find a nourishing balm that didn't feel and look really feminine. Thankfully, I breathed a sigh of relief when Fairfield Gardens sent over a selection of their lip balms for us to try. Organic and eco-friendly, these award-winning balms are the answer to all my cracked lip problems.

Available in four different flavours, these delicious beeswax balms brought instant relief to my dry lips. Of the four; Natural, Spearmint & Fennel, Orange, and Rosemary & Lemon, I loved the Orange flavour the most. The subtle citrus tang, combined with the natural plant oils, botanical extracts and essential oils really worked to soothe my sore lips, leaving them nourished and hydrated throughout the day. The balms are also free from chemicals and artificial skin softeners, for which I am so thankful, as there's nothing worse than finding a lip balm that works wonders on first application, but then proceeds to dry out your lips even more after continued use. All of us in the office also love the packaging, as we find it a little unhygienic applying balms with our fingers. We all agree that these little sticks are the perfect way to add a bit of moisture to our pouts.

If you're looking to cure your parched peckers whilst supporting a home grown business, you can buy a Fairfield Gardens Lip Balm here, for just £3.89, an absolute bargain in our eyes.