Fairfields Farm Crisps - Chorizo & Tomato

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have quite a few guilty pleasures, with crisps at the top of the list. Since we care about quality, we love the crisps from Fairfields Farm Crisps. Their potatoes are delicately cared for from farm to factory in Colchester, England. The potatoes are washed, grated and inspected thoroughly before they are cooked in sunflower oil and packaged into bags.

The newest flavour from the brand is Chorizo and Tomato, which is perfect if you’re looking to add a spicy change of flavour compared to your standard plain crisp. The founders decided to cater the new flavour to the recent popularity of chorizo and to complement the upcoming summertime weather. Better yet, the chorizo is sourced from local supplier Suffolk Sausage Company in order to reduce the amount of food miles the crisps have.

If you’d like to try other flavours from the brand, you can check out their whole range. The flavours include: Lightly Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Aspall Cyder Vinegar, Sweet Suffolk Chilli, Suffolk Farmhouse Cheese & Chive, Wicks Manor Smoky Bacon & Sunday Roast Potato and Parsnip Crisps with Essex Honey & Black Pepper, Parsnip, Sour Cream and Chive and Sweet Potato and Chilli and Lime.

Find out more about the Chorizo and Tomato crisps here and pick up your own bags at your local supermarket or from Shop in the Shed starting at £0.65 per single-serve bag.