Filberts of Dorset - Lip Balm Kit

Ever struggle to find lip balms that don't dry out your lips with sneaky unwanted ingredients? We know we do! When considering lip care, we here at The Amazing Blog like to know exactly what has gone into our balms. Lucky for us, Filberts of Dorset are on the same wavelength and have invited you to make your own.

In a pretty tin, the brand's Lip Balm Kit looks quintessentially D.I.Y-esque before you've even started. Containing a block of beeswax with an iconic bee impression to adorn, blank labels, four lip balm tins and simple, easy to follow instructions, it's the perfect starting point for concocting your own lip treat. Beeswax is well known for its emollient properties, and sets easily, making it the ideal base for your balm. After melting it down, and adding olive oil and sunflower oil as instructed, we were well on our way to mastering the art of 'lip-balmery', and we can't think of a more nourishing blend of ingredients. You can then simply leave it there, wait for the balm to set and cool before trying it out, or you can have a little fun as we did, and play with natural essential oils to find out which recipe best suits you.

We love the idea of D.I.Y beauty, especially when it's supporting British bees, and this kit is perfect for making a wonderfully moisturising, high performing balm from scratch, meaning that we finally have total control over its content. The possibilities and combinations of essential oils are endless, so we'll be experimenting for a long time yet. The kit is available here for £9.99