Fresh Indulgent Self Tan

It may be coming up to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept our pale winter skin. Here at the Amazing Blog we want to look sun kissed all year round, and Fresh Indulgence have us covered with their Self-Tan Electric Tan. We are excited to return to work looking as if we’ve spent Christmas in the tropics!

Fresh Indulgence pride themselves on the use of natural and indulgent ingredients, our skin is treated to the goodness from super fruits like Acai Berry, Goji Berry and Grapefruit & Banana extract. Who knew we could nourish our skin whilst looking beautifully bronzed. This is a no fuss, wash off product that won’t leave your bed sheets looking more tanned than you. We loved that the Electric Tan works for every season and every shade, all you have to do is alter the time it’s left on. For a light glow, leave for a couple of hours, for medium around 4 or 5 and so on. They’ve removed the nerve-wracking task of trying a new and unknown self-tanner.

The bronze tint made the even application easy, and the ‘hot blend’ meant the solution felt thicker, and more indulgent. We loved this paraben-free tanner, it gave us the perfect long-lasting summer glow during these chilly winter months. Get your bronzed glow on for the festive season, Electric tan is available here for only £15.