Friday Favourites: Jewellery

With the New Year quickly approaching, you’ve probably begun thinking about what your New Year’s goals and resolutions will be. The Amazing Blog staff has decided that we want to take a new approach to our accessorising. So, we have compiled a list of 5 accessories that will inspire us in different ways every time we put them on.

S/S15 “IN THE CITY” by Maria Francesca Pepe

Want to wear what the celebrities wear? MFP Jewellery’s new line S/S15 “IN THE CITY” is inspired by city skylines, graphic city maps, neon city lights, combining sharp, sleek and geometric designs with symbolism and sub-culture references. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Rita Ora and Beyonce are huge fans of MFP, and let's be honest, we all want to wear what Queen B wears.

We absolutely love the 'DREAM' cuff. Handmade in Italy, this gold statement cuff, embellished with graffiti style font and coloured Swarovski crystals, will be a constant reminder next year to dream big and make sure you chase after what you want. Head on over to the website and get yourself this gorgeous bracelet for £289.00.

Unity by Julia Cook

If you’re looking to accessorise for a cause, check out Julia Cook’s new jewellery collection, Unity. She specifically designed the collection to raise money for St Mungo’s Broadway. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds raised will be donated to Rebuilding Shattered Lives, a charity that provides vital services to homeless women through safe housing, education, counselling, self-defence classes and training programmes.


St Mungo’s Broadway Unity Cuddles Bracelet embraces Cook’s idea that people need to support others, especially those in need. Walk into the New Year with good karma and keep it going by purchasing this beautiful bracelet for £175.00 here

True Rocks by Emily Bradbury and Dawn Hindle

The collaboration between Emily Bradbury of vintage Victorian punk label “Constant and True" and Dawn Hindle, founder and creative director of the globally renowned music and lifestyle brand “Ibiza Rocks,” have created a unique jewellery brand that reflects their lifestyle and influences from music, fashion and art. True Rocks is 'jewellery with attitude' that has set a trend amongst the music and fashion industry. 

We absolutely adore this deep purple enamel and rose gold revolving globe pendant with the words "The whole world revolves around love" around it. Plan some fun vacations next year and let this necklace be a reminder that you need to greet every new opportunity with love because that's what makes the world go round. Spread the love and purchase the necklace for £485.00 here.

Naked Square by Myriam Soseilos

Myriam Soseilos, the award-winning Cypriot jewellery designer and founder of the luxury jewellery brand, MyriamSOS, recently presented her new Naked Square collection, which draws its inspiration from the nuances of modern architecture coupled with the use of high-quality materials and gemstones. The vision for the range is to re-think the way that classic jewellery is viewed and presented.

Detouring from the usual circle, the L Ring provides a new perspective on the design of a ring. Purchase this ring here for £160.00 as a reminder that you need to look outside of the box (or circle in this case) and maybe you'll discover something new. Sometimes all we need is a New Year for a little change in perspective. 

Hope by Faye Marie

Have you been let down by this year's expectations? It's about time you were introduced to the new Hope collection by Faye Marie. Faye Marie's unique jewellery tells wonderful stories of the synergy between human emotions and animals. This newest collection is based upon pterippus, the flying horse. In mythology, Pegasus represents the hope of aspiring to improve all aspects of life and love, which exactly what this collection embodies. This cutting edge jewellery is an expression of what is to come rather than what has been. 

Purchase these Hope Square Studs here for £225.00 and put all of your past disappointments behind you. The New Year gives you the opportunity to start fresh, so expect more for yourself this upcoming year and do what you need to do to improve your situation. There's nothing wrong with having a little hope. 

Feeling inspired? Perfect! Let your jewellery be a statement that you are diving head first into the New Year with a new outlook on life.