Friday Favourites- Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog, we believe skincare shouldn’t revolve just around the face, it is equally important to take care of our whole body. We have selected a few of our favourite skincare products from PHB Ethical Beauty, Mimi’s, JustBe Botanicals, and Pura Vida to keep us in tip top shape.

Firstly, PHB Ethical Beauty have introduced an effective yet gentle organic face wash. The Rosehip & Chamomile Gentle Face Wash is ideal for anyone that finds their skin sensitive. This family run brand is committed to natural and organic products, we can finally have confidence that our skin will not react badly. The clear face wash has a smooth and cooling texture, after washing away with water your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. We loved that it didn’t strip the moisture from our face, the use of natural essential oils ensured our skin was protected and hydrated. If you’re sick of suffering with sensitive skin, put a stop to it with this gentle face, available here for £9.06.

Mimi’s Organic Skincare has catered for all with ranges specified to both men and women. From the women’s range we had the opportunity to try the indulgent Night Revitaliser and Repair Serum. The Night Revitaliser Cream is a rich and creamy mixture of oils and butters that protect and nourish whilst you sleep. Only a small amount is needed but we were astounded by how clean and hydrated our skin felt. The liquid Repair Serum is extremely moisturising, best results come from taking the time to massage into the skin. We found that after just a few uses our skin felt firmer.

From the men’s range we received the Aftershave Blend and Face Balm, both of which had a clean and refreshing scent. The face balm came in a thick and creamy form to provide an intense moisture for tired/dry skin. While the Aftershave Blend felt more like a liquid serum, the mixture of essential oils and Vitamin E are designed to intensely nourish and protect the skin. Perfect for men who’s skin undergoes daily trauma whilst shaving. If you, or the men in your life, want a totally natural and organic range of skincare, get your own Night Revitaliser and Repair serum here for £20.00 and £22.00. Or get the Aftershave Blend and Face Balm here for £14.13 and £15.00.

JustBe Botanicals have launched a bright and fragrant JustBe Happy Hand & Body Set, equipped with a lotion and wash. Both are lovingly handmade using totally natural ingredients, no need to worry about harmful chemicals on your body. We love that this set works for both hands and body, with the most gorgeous citrus scent. The blend of uplifting pink grapefruit, lime and coconut oil in the wash leaves skin cleansed and bursting with happiness. The lotion has an addition of creamy shea butter and soothing aloe vera, a perfect companion as it locks in hydration. We loved it for our manicured hands, it kept our cuticles soft and our skin radiant. Keep your skin as happy as can be with the JustBe Happy Set, available here for £25.00

Now we have our skin well hydrated and nourished, it’s important to get rid of any unwanted dead skin. The Pura Vida Coconut Coffee scrub is the answer! The scrub is full of natural and organic Costa Rican ingredients, including rich coconut oil to prevent the scrub from drying the skin. Only needed once a week, this effective but gentle scrub gives the skin a brightening effect whilst keeping it soft and supple. The combination of ingredients work together to stimulate the body, believe it or not it has to ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. This is a simple and easy addition to your shower routine and we loved how fragrant the coffee scent was in a warm shower,  our skin was left beautifully smooth. If you want to try out your own Coffee Coconut Scrub, they are available here for £12.